What does "Pabooj" even mean? 

In most Armenian households, “Pabooj” is a term used to refer to “slippers”.

“So where did the idea to create Pabooj come from?”, Watering the soil.

To say that I ever imagined I would be creating and designing slippers, is a lie, but here I am. To say that I ever saw myself filming a podcast showcasing this journey, as well as my personal life during that journey and featuring it all on YouTube, is also a lie, but here I am. As with most remarkable things in our lives, they were never “part of the plan”. So the question now I guess is, “How did I get here?”

It’s funny, really, how Pabooj came to life, or I guess I would have to say, is “being nurtured to life”. It all started with a Facetime call. My brother and I were “talking about life” and how much opportunity there is to create something new- and by “something”, we meant businesses. Following the call, I became restlessly curious about “What does it really take to build a successful business? How does a brand effectively communicate its identity to the public? Is there a “right” and “wrong” way to do things?”. I was intrigued by how an idea could translate to a physical product to be experienced by the world. I had so many questions… and the only way to find answers was to actually go through the process of bringing it to life.

“How did you decide on what to create? Why did you choose slippers?”, Picking which seed to plant.

Anyone who knows me can vouch that what brings me the most joy is to be at home with family and friends, in a pair of slippers, with coffee, just talking. Slippers play an important role in creating that relaxed atmosphere because as soon as your foot slides into them, and you feel cozy fur wrapped around your feet, your brain knows you’re home. You’re in your own space. Slippers to me are a symbol of care, protection, and love. Here’s why… Slippers wrap your feet with cozy fur to keep them warm, in the same way that people who love you wrap you in blankets when you’re home. Slippers make hard flooring comfortable to walk on, the same way friends and family make difficult times easy. Slippers are fluffy and caress every inch of your foot with fur, the way friends and family smother you with love. You get my drift… So I chose slippers because putting them on reminds me of the unconditional love of friends and family and that's a feeling to be shared with the world.

More questions to be answered... stay tuned.